Pixel Mixel

pixel mixel cover Pixel Mixel

Another free album, released under the Creative Commons license.

Farwah ep

farwah ep cover Love and Cake Digital

'Farwah ep' is the first release on the brand new label 'Love and Cake Digital'. Four tracks, 22 minutes, fun and silly and fun.

Sprinkling Rainbows

sprinkling rainbows cover Monotonik

The follow up to Grating Rainbows. A collection of tunes composed in the last three years.


leonard cover Rec72

This is my second RPM Challenge effort. Leonard was made in one month, and is a pleasant blend of melodic electronica. It has been released under the Creative Commons license, and is available as a free download from rec72. Click the image to go to the release page. If you like it, spread it around!


available soon To be released at Dedpop...

This album was made in 1 month as part of the RPM Challenge, where the objective is to make an album of at least 35 minutes in the month of February. It is due for release soon, depending on how long it takes koshka records to put some content on their website. "James?!!".

Grating Rainbows

go to the release page Monotonik

Available as a free download, with a second part coming soon. Click the image to go the release page.

Lime - Relax

Sp00 Music

A short ambient ep released under the old name 'Lime'. It is extremely calm, relentlessly chilled out, and disguistingly relaxing.